Wet and knackered

Well, it was a very wet weekend in the Westfield and camping at the Eglinton Hot Road and Custom Car Show. But, the pictures were worth it at least.

..and the band played

and where's your number plate sir....?

...oh yes, there it is....

...no roof, no windows, no heating...and in this photo - no bonnet!

The office is finally taking shape and the new website is up and rocking.

Today I’m off to photograph a wee little man and his parents, so wish me luck.

Check out the photos on the new site: http://www.morayphotographics.com

At last! Online!

And the office no longer looks like a bombs hit it.

What office? I hear you ask. Well, Moray Photographics has moved in 7 Linkwood Place, Linkwood Industrial Estate, Elgin, IV30 1HZ. We are awaiting a phone line from BT….so until then we’re only contactable by mobile, website line to email and by emailing info@morayphotographics.com

Our new website is up and running at http://www.morayphotographics.com

Because we are often out and about its wise to phone for an appointment but we now have improved resources, access, parking, and a sense of general togetherness. Still the same professional service, in fact we’ve probably increased our productivity by having an Elgin location with fast internet access.

We are located above Baillie Brothers, not far from McDonalds (that is really bad news for my waistline…).

Well, its 5pm and time to go home. Wow, proper office hours too! Now I just have to convince some of my customers that phoning me at 10pm on Saturday when I’ve already opened a bottle of wine is NOT a good idea…

All change

Jan Crane Photography has now become part of Moray PhotoGraphics, so as well as offering a full photographic service we now offer a full design and print service too!

For wedding customers, you’ll not see the difference, except that we now have even more design options!

Business clients will now be able to access a one-stop-shop for all their publicity needs including; leaflets, brochures, company identity, web design and much much more.

Its all very exciting here on the Moray coast right now. The website is being redeveloped as we speak and soon you’ll be able to see our expanded services in all their glory. Until then, keep checking in for updates.

Thanks for your patience, its been one hell of a year!

Weddings 2010

Wedding bookings for 2010 and 2011 are filling up fast, but there are still some dates left.

Jan Crane Photography is therefore delighted to offer a 20% discount on selected packages for 2010.

For more information call Jan on 07976 873 753 or email us at


Closure of studio

Due to a change in circumstances, the in-house studio service is currently unavailable and will remain so until further notice.

The mobile studio service continues as normal.

The contact details for Jan Crane Photography have also changed, and the website will be changed to reflect this as soon as possible. Until then, Jan can be contacted on 07976 873853. The email remains unchanged.

All current bookings are NOT affected and the full wedding service is available as per normal.

For any enquiries, please contact Jan on 07976 873853.

I’m sorry but I’m going to have a rant, again.

First it was Nikon with my £1000+ lens. Then my Nikon flashgun (an SB800) which had only been used on four occasions failed (two months out of warrantee of course) which meant I had to fork out £68 to get it fixed (thank heavens it was only £68) and now Nikon are messing about with their software!

Let me explain. I have just upgraded to a Mac. I am very happy with my new mac, except that I can’t put my Nikon Capture NX2 on it because its not compatible. Nikon have been ‘testing’ and ‘evaluating’ with Snow Leopard since the beginning of September. Now the problem is that all new macs ship with Snow Leopard on, which means you can’t do as Nikon kindly suggest and remain on the old Leopard until they sort their shit out.

Not that you’d want to hold up your entire system for one piece of shitty software in the first place of course. And the software isn’t great to start with. BUT, at least they give you a mac version AND a PC version on the same licence.

Adobe want to screw you for double the money. Here is the deal – if you buy a PC licence of Photoshop CS4 you can run it on your PC laptop and your PC desktop under one licence (but not with both copies open at the same time). If you buy a mac licence you can run it on your imac and your macbook under one licence (but again, not at the same time). BUT, if you have a PC desktop and a mac laptop you have to BUY two separate licences! So, you have to PAY TWICE! And we are only talking about £700 software here so we shouldn’t complain too much. BOLLOCKS. I am Sick to death of being ripped off like this. I am one person, who just happens to have two different platforms, I am doing nothing different to someone running two PCs after all PC only stands for personal computer and one of my personal computers happens to be a mac.

So, I have a lovely new mac and absolutely no sodding software for it! Well fucking great.

I am sick of being ripped off.

The same is true for Microsoft Office. I have a PC version. I can’t use it on my mac. I have to buy another copy.

No wonder people go off the rails.

I just don’t believe this. Nikon has, in spite of the launch of Mac OS 10.6 nearly two months ago now, failed to release an update for Capture NX2 so that it works on Snow Leopard.

You can install it. But you can’t open a NEF file with it. NEF files are not recognised. So, it’s about a much use as a chocolate teapot in a hurricane.

On top of that, my SB800 packed up after just three weddings but unfortunately two months out of the guarantee period. So, another £300 down the tubes then…

I really have had enough.


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